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Conductive Powder
Anti-static Powder
Anti-static Agents
EP1 white color antistatic in powder, EP2 milk white anti-static in powder, EP3 light yellow anti-static in particle, products with good conductive performance, applicable for anti-static coating and all anti-static products.
Conductive Glass Powder EG series Coreless and solid core glass microsphere cladding anti-static metal, applicable for all types of conducting material.
Conductive Mica Powder EC-300 series Light-grey color, applicable for all types of conductive coating.
Conductive Titanium Dioxide EC-320 series Off-white color in-powder, good quality, applicable for all types of conductive coating, is good for replace of imported materials.
Conductive Barium Sulfate EC-340 series Milk-white color in-powder, good quality, applicable for all types of conductive coating, is good for replace of imported material.
Conductive ATO Powder EC-360 series Applicable for all types of conductive materials.
Conductive Zinc Oxide EC-400 series White powder, size distribution uniformity, has good mobility and dispersion, each granule of conductive zinc oxide particles is an independent semiconductor, therefore, the powder structure when dispersion is not likely to be damaged, the anti-static product is more stable resistance. Conductive zinc oxide can able to make brightness or light colored conductive floor coatings, conductive industrial coating, conductive power coatings, etc. Also have good application in the field
of conductive plastics and conductive rubber. Beyond that, conductive zinc oxide is still a good ultraviolet screening agent, can absorbable below 380nm ultraviolet rays, widely use for sun block cosmetic and in the fabric for defend ultraviolet
rays. Besides, conductive zinc oxide also can able to make resistance stabilizer of conductive carbon black. Conductive zinc oxide can apply to all kinds of conductive material system.
Conductive Polyaniline EC-600 series Conductive polyaniline is a new type of high molecular synthetic material, with very good conductive performance. Its affinity with other polymers is better than conductive carbon black and conductive metal. Conductive polyaniline and plastic, rubber, fiber combination, can able to make a very excellent anti-static material and electromagnetic shielding materials (such as mobile phone outer shell, and microwave radiation coatings, military stealth materials, etc.)
Conductive Carbon
Black/ Conductive Graphite
EC-380/EC-390 series Applicable for all types of conductive materials.
High Conductive Carbon Powder EC series Micron grade, dark grey color, covering power not strong itself, belongs to amorphous carbon products, will not moving, applicable for all types of conductive coating, conductive plastic and conductive rubber, conductive ink, conductive adhesive industrial territory, also available for high-tech battery materials. This product is a high performance product, mainly substitute for imported conductive carbon black, conductive graphite, with higher cost-performance, is our great concentration development new product for many years.
Carbon Nanotube EC-700 series

Carbon nanotube is brand new generational revolution product, its main feature are:
1. Extremely superior conductivity performance.

2. Has very good mechanical properties, the tensile strength achieve 50~200GPa, is 100 times the steel, but the density only 1/6 of the steel, so are able to make the highest specific strength of the material at present .

3. The hardness of carbon nanotube is correspond to diamond,
it has good flexibility, can be stretched, so add to the enhancement fiber, be called as the “ super fiber”

Other New Pattern
Conductive Products Series

■ NOELSON™ brand speical anti-rust pigment series, is Noelson Chemicals development products series at the earliest. Currently, we are the leading manufacturer and supplier with complete range, wide applicable and well popularize in inland China, products besides of supplied in domestic market, also for export, has a certain influence in the market both at home and aboard. Over the years, we did our best effort to coordinate with the rapid development of coating industry in the global and domestic, now we become the main manufacturer and supplier of special antirust pigment in inland China and Asia-Pacific region.